Monday, May 15, 2006

the body sure is a funny thing.

so after my "disastrous" 9 minute mile struggle of a week ago, today i hopped on the treadmill and pretty easily busted out 30 miuntes at 8.57 pace. i rounded out the 4 mile day at 9.27 pace - after the treadmill automatically shut off at 30 minutes - and that felt SLOW. too strange.

my only worry of the day, then, is the intermittent ache in my metatarsals - very dull and, for now, very rare but it's something i need to keep an eye on. after a metatarsal stress fracture last year (when i was barely even running!) i know i don't want to deal with that again. i'm going to check out some orthotics this week.

happy trails!


Anonymous corrado giambalvo said...

Doesn't sound like a major problem but before attempting a solution may be wise to check the metatarsals with a sonogram and or x-ray, no? Why go immediately for orthotics? Are you sure you need them? :) corrado

3:52 AM  
Anonymous bridget said...

hey carrie! if it's any consolation, i still get those dull, achy, phantom pains in my metatarsals from where i had the stress fractures in each foot. if it suddenly becomes sharp, then i would worry.

the SOLE orthodic might be worth a try for those high arches (but you would need to ease into them very slowly . .orthodics can be a tricky business).

if we run tonight (please run with me!), then we can talk about orthodics, running, magazine, abby, our june 5K . . . . so much to cover!

7:38 AM  

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