Monday, May 22, 2006

south florida sure is hot!

i went out this morning for what i hoped would be a 50-60 minute run. turns out palm beach county gets awfully hot by 10am. it's only in the mid-80s but the 70% humidity and high UV aren't helping much. i bagged the run after 30 minutes and walked for another 10. i may try to finish off the run after dark. i'm not used to this heat yet.

i did head out around 4pm and finished off the run with another 30 min. still HOT but way more doable!


Anonymous bridget said...

*ugh* heat. i am afraid of the heat.

i am sooo happy that you got a run in:) i am sidelined at the moment - never a good situation.

i miss you!

have a safe trip home. miss abbey misses her mom!

4:53 PM  

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