Tuesday, June 06, 2006

let the fun begin!

i am delighted to announce that *real* marathon training began yesterday. "day off" didn't seem exciting enough to report so here i am checking in after day one of actual running.

my run went well but the two-fold lesson of the day is: my heart is either in terrible shape or i have the highest maxHR in recorded history. i tried to go out at 70-80% of my maxHR (i based this on a rough calculation, NOT my actual maxHR - maybe that's the problem) and simply could not do it without walking - that, and the incessant beeping of my heart rate monitor wasn't helping matters. i finally just made a desperate attempt to run v e r y s l o w l y and keep it at that but my HR was still "supposedly" too high. hmmm.... this will take some sorting out. the thing is, even as my HR creeps past 150, 160, and even 170, i still feel pretty good and can talk, breathe, not sweat, etc. am i a freak of nature? perhaps!

anyway, the point is: i'm off and running! :)


Anonymous bridget said...

you are a freak of nature! as far as heart rate is concerned, i usually feel pretty good around 150-165, and then i start to strain a bit. BUT, i do not train with a heartrate monitor so i don't know enough about it to say what is good/bad, etc (i will read up on it, though!.

you are a rock star :)

9:11 PM  

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