Friday, May 26, 2006

what a few days off can do.

well, we have returned from florida and while dealing with a family crisis is never the greatest thing, i managed to get in two nice (hot!) runs down in florida and a pre-dawn dip in the ocean (see below) with my super-fabulous little sis (in-law).

i had to take a day off of running for the 24 hr. non-stop drive down there and another 2 for the drive back. i wasn't super excited about that but i decided to just let it go and when i finally headed out for a run today back here in chicago, it was GLORIOUS. i took my favorite 6 mile loop and felt like i was flying through it. i didn't time myself but i know i was running about 1 minute faster per mile than i usually take this route and was having minimal trouble. my stride opened up and my legs felt positively springy.

what a day! :)


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