Saturday, June 10, 2006

ode to pre. (ode to me.) OR why my heart rate is so damn high.

when mary asked him how he'd beat the better runners there,
pre just stopped, he grabbed her, and he locked her in a stare.
"'cause i can take more pain than any other runner can."
mary smiled politely and prayed silently for her man.

well it turns out that pre's story may or may not have been true,
i found out later on: pre had the best max vo2!
but as for me, my lungs are just those of your average girl,
my heart pumps hard, i strain to breathe, and later want to hurl.

but i think there's something to pre's notion of his knack for pain,
i too came up within the coaching school: no pain, no gain.
i've never failed to push myself much harder than i should,
and run the fastest in every race and practice that i could.

but here's the problem with that school of thought, or so i think:
i've burnt myself out for 20-plus years, trying to prove that i don't stink!
so now i'm embracing those easy runs: their freedom from the strain,
and learning as i trudge along to not be so damn vain.


Anonymous bridget said...

I LOVE YOU, Carrie! Those easy runs are the "secret" to every elite runners training :) That is why the best ones seldom get injured and recovery quickly. Those easy runs will make 40 miles/week extremely doable . . . they will take you to a level or running and serenity that you have not experienced yet :) AND, they make is so gosh damn easier to get out the door and run (esp. if you know you do not have to punish your body). AND, they make you look forward to the days that you dip into your reserves and push your body harder.

You rock.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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