Wednesday, November 15, 2006

post-marathon update.

thanks for all of the kind words! i've included my favorite marathon pic for your amusement.

um, yeah. that's either me pulling my frozen gloves off with my teeth or wiping my nose!

now that i've had a good three weeks to recover myself - physically and emotionally - i'm in an intersesting place. i'm not displeased with my marathon performance but i'm amazed at how dumb i was going into it! i had so many good days during my training that i just wasn't prepared to have a really bad day. and that was a really bad day. still, i can't wait to get out there in the spring and give it another go. a 4.10 should be in my near future!

in the meantime, i'm hoping to get F.A.S.T. and have fun! i ran a vicious 5.1 mile trail race on sunday and had a blast. [universal sole's rock n sole] we ran through two underpasses that were literally waist deep in water. i got muddy. bridget crashed into a tree. drew fell in a creek. it was BLISS! i ran it in 44.47 (8.47 pace) which, given the hilly, muddy, and water-logged terrain was pretty darn good. just what the doctor ordered after a humbling marathon debut!

okay, so far as my "speediness" goes, i could clip off 5.40s in high school no problem. after 15 slow years, i've run a low 7 minute mile and that's about it. that's where i'm starting. i'll keep you posted about where i go!

peace out, c.


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