Monday, August 14, 2006

hooray for corrado and bridget!

so i fear that corrado is waiting for the other shoe to fall - feeling okay but????

let me dispel all rumours; i am feeling great! after a slow-feeling week, i pulled out a speedier than expected solo half-marathon on saturday. my sweet-as-can-be parents are actually so excited for me that my dad even designed (and printed) a race t-shirt for me! (limited edition - a collector's item!) i'm feeling good physically and mentally; i surmounted some major pre-race jitters (okay demons) prior to the half-marathon; and i am delighted to announce that dru and i are headed off on our first EVER vacation that doesn't involve family or work. i plan to spend the next week running through eastern iowa (it's more fun than it sounds!) and loving every minute of it.

so thank you for your support jay and silent bob! i'll be sure to post some gorgeous iowa pics when i return.

peace and chicken grease, c.


Anonymous corrado giambalvo said...

Carrie, :) , I laughed hard. Thanks. My shoe's still on. If you read carefully though, it was "... feeling good ... and?"


I like "and." Nothing against "but." But (see?) I like "and." Makes things imaginable. Possible even. Like Run "and" be injury free. Like Bridget "and" Carrie helping each other out in tough times. Yeah.

So this is for Bridget and anybody else that wants to consider it. The walking is anyway a great idea for injury prevention. I think I recently said something to this effect to Mario Fraioli. Basic repeat: as we mostly lead very sedentary lives (compared to when primitive humans who went hunting or more recently farming for most of the day) there is the risk with the Bridget "hammering" approach that we use our limbs (tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscle and bone) NOT for what they were ideally designed for, walking, moving, lifting, sleeping (all 8 hours of it per night) but for injury prone activities like prolonged repetitive running and extensive sitting (e.g. while blogging!!!!)

I am sure there is truly qualified literature on this but the common-sensical point for me is: walking - even for top atheletes - will help to tweak and realign the body after the greater or lesser "deformations" caused by running and sitting as described above.

So Bridget, as one more option think that after some very respectable performances if things gel, this walking will be a constructive, strengthening, re-aligning phase in your long-term marathon training. And even if they immediately don't,it will be good for you - if you resist to some extent from wallowing in candy :-)

Anyway, Carrie and Bridget, take care. It's nice to see the founding pillars of Team Belch alive and kicking (there's a tune for you!) Given the affinities, why don't the two of you form a Team Belch spinoff? Maybe a tad less visceral ;-) ?? (i dunno, how about Team HiccuP, or Sneeze, or...

1:00 PM  
Anonymous corrado giambalvo said...

Carrie, how about an update? :)
Hope all's well.

10:55 AM  

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