Thursday, September 21, 2006

lesson learned!

thank goodness for the smart people in our lives who help us when we can't help ourselves. as you can see from the previous post, taking a day - ONE DAY - off of my training seemed like a complete and utter tragedy. i watched drew head out for his sunday run and moped around the house, downtrodden at my loss of a long(ish) run.

then came monday and my scheduled day off only made me feel worse.

then came tuesday. i hopped onto the treadmill for my scheduled easy 5 miles and, lo and behold, it was BLISSFUL. my feet felt good; my legs felt good; my hip felt good; my back felt good. my (admittedly slow 10.20) "easy" pace felt pedestrian!

then came wednesday. a tempo run at 8.40 with no problems. not even wih my gimpy fin!

and today, i'm heading out for a massage and another easy 5.

the lesson, then, that is week sixteen: get a good coach... and listen to her!


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