Monday, June 26, 2006

me and my wonky leg.

i'm sure that's a verifiable medical term... right?

well, i'm happy to report that i'm still hanging in there, leg trouble and all. you see, i happen to have this dang thing called a hemangioma in my left calf muscle (see entrancing blood vessel photo on left) and it's just messing with the rest of my leg like you wouldn't believe. BUT, r.i.c.e. seems to be doing wonders and i've got another visit with the sports med ortho at the end of next month.

in the meantime, my sagacious coach bridget cut my miles back to 22 last week for some recovery and i clipped along at record pace. this week, the mileage will ramp up again and we'll see what happens.

at least i've got my daughter over here (the infamous "h." in team b.e.l.c.h.) to cheer me on!


Anonymous corrado giambalvo said...

thanks for the hi tech photo! There's no end to what technology will let you see. Wow. More to learn about. Get well, run better. Still waiting for a feet photo... :) go team belch, corrado

6:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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